Computer Maintenance and Repair Guide

Learn how to do Computer maintenance and repair and fix PC problems

Learn how to use Computer repair software and tools

Do you know, most of the Computer maintenance and bug fixing can be easily done at home? Yet people are spending money and hire technicians for home computer repair.

Through this website I will show you

  • How to do PC maintenance and prevent computer problems.
  • How to troubleshoot, fix bugs and repair your home computer.
  • What are the good computer maintenance tools and software and how to use them?

Are You in a Hurry…?

We understand that most of you have no time to read the details on this website and need a solution faster. Do you have a Computer problem falls in to any of the below categories?

- Computer is slow

- Freezing

- Random error messages

- Blue screen

- Re-booting automatically

If the answer is YES then I highly recommend this FREE Computer Maintenance Tool
This tool allows you to scan your PC online and let you know all the hidden errors. It also can fix them in a matter of minutes.

Also visit our Top 3 Computer Maintenance Software page for other recommended Computer maintenance and repair products.

Weird error messages, Computer are getting slow (especially at start-up) and freezing are few common computer problems, which are often occurs as a result of poor PC maintenance. You CAN repair your computer at home even you do not know much about computers.

Computer maintenance is not rocket science

Not only the maintenance part but also repairing most of the common problems are not that difficult. What you need is to learn how to do it and try once when you have a PC problem. Then gradually improve your knowledge. In no time you will be able to fix most of the Computer problems and maintain your Computer in optimum status by applying routine PC maintenance tasks.

This website is all about teaching you how to do it starting from very basics.

Why proper computer maintenance is important?

Because it will increase the speed of your PC

Prevent errors, which will save money

Secure your data and information

Save time

I have more than 18 years of experience in IT specializing computer repair and maintenance, troubleshooting, PC support. My aim, in creating this site, is to share my experience to save you money and time and provide maximum information about computers. This web site is not limited to home computer repair and maintenance. You will also learn many more information, tips and tricks about computers.

Computer Maintenance Management Software

Many companies are using computerized maintenance management systems to track and control computer maintenance jobs. If your requirement is maintenance management then visit computer maintenance management software page for a review of reliable products.

OK let’s start. Look at the items listed in the menu bar in the left side. They have been organized according to an order for you to follow and learn computer troubleshooting, maintenance and repair, also with additional information about computers. Start your journey with computer basics

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